The Country Guide for Human Rights and Business in Belarus released

The Country Guide for Human Rights and Business in Belarus

The Country Guide for Human Rights and Business in Belarus will help businesses follow human rights.
The Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), together with our partner, the Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC), created an easy to use guide on the human rights and business situation in Belarus.

The Country Guide is a compilation of publicly available information from international institutions, local NGOs, governmental agencies, businesses, media and universities, among others. International and domestic sources are identified on the basis of their expertise and relevance to the Belarusian context, as well as their timeliness and impartiality.
The guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview, on the basis of the information available, of the ways in which companies do or may impact human rights in Belarus. For companies, the Country Guide is a tool to understand and address human rights risks and opportunities in the countries where they do business.

This guide creates important grounds for meetings between different sectors – civil society, state actors and business community, and a platform for creating common solutions for more sustainable growth in Belarus.

The current Country Guide is not meant as an end product, or a final determination of country conditions. It is intended to be the basis, and the beginning, of a process of dissemination, uptake and modification.