RHRPA “Belarusian Helsinki Committee”


  • Joint statement of Belarusian human rights organizations on the distribution of “repentant” videos by the Faculty of Law of Belarusian State University

    The practice of recording “repentance videos” within the walls of the law school threatens with its long-term consequences in the legal community, shows disrespect for law and encouragement of non-legal approaches, means and methods by the administration of the faculty. All this forms completely inadequate ideas among students about law in general, about human rights and the feasibility of their realization. It is difficult to imagine that future lawyers, having gained such “experience” in the implementation of basic human rights, will be able to adequately understand the essence of these rights and protect these rights in the future. The consequences of actions to destroy the basic foundations of legal education, coming from the administration of higher educational institutions, are very deep and difficult to eliminate, therefore it is especially important that these actions receive a principal assessment. //
  • mikalaj klimovich fota z fb

    Appeal to the UN Special Procedures regarding the death of Mikalai Klimovich

    In our statement, we emphasized that the death of Mikalai Klimovich is in no way the first case of death of political prisoners in Belarusian penitentiaries. Furthermore, human rights activists continuously report the lack of proper medical examination, qualified medical personnel, appropriate conditions and equipment, as well as failure to provide medical assistance. We also described the practice of denying medical care for political prisoners to apply further pressure. //
  • We demand to investigate Klimovich's death and the lack of proper medical care in the colonies

    We call on the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Belarus and the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus to initiate criminal proceedings on the death of Mikalai Klimovich, conduct an objective and comprehensive investigation to determine the causes of this tragedy, and inform the public about the results. We also request a review of other instances where the right to healthcare has been violated in detention facilities and urge the implementation of suitable actions to ensure those accountable are held responsible in order to avoid future tragedies. We demand that the Belarusian authorities provide proper medical care in places of deprivation of liberty, including the presence of qualified medical personnel and appropriate equipment. //

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