The Belarusian Helsinki Committee has released the research report 'Non-formal Human Rights Education Provided by the Belarusian Civil Society: Current State, Problems, and Challenges.'


Conducted from November 2022 to October 2023, the research aims to identify the current state of non-formal human rights education provided by Belarusian CSOs, including key problems and challenges in this sphere as seen by both providers and learners.

The research findings are proposed for further discussion among providers to look for ways to improve the quality of human rights education provided by Belarusian CSOs.

The research methods included:

  • monitoring publicly available information on the online resources of Belarusian CSOs engaged in non-formal human rights education

  • conducting 11 expert interviews with representatives from these CSOs;

  • conducting a survey of learners via Google Form. We developed two separate questionnaires: one for individuals with a legal education and those working in the legal field, and another for professionals from various other backgrounds. The learner survey received 148 responses.

You can read the full research report here.