Leanid Marhotka

Leanid Marhotka, BHC representative in Soligorsk and the region
BHC representative in Soligorsk and the region

Graduated from Soligorsk mining-chemical college (speciality- mining electrician, 1985) and the Belarusian institute of jurisprudence (speciality- lawyer, 1997).

In 1991 became one of the founders of Belarusian independent labour union. In 1993- organizer of Belarusian Congress of Democratic labour unions.

Active organizer of miners’ strikes, of the first march of miners “Soligorsk- Minsk”, participant of negotiations with the Government of the republic.

In 1996 became the initiator of information- legal centers foundation, that functioned in Belarus till 2004.

In BHC since 1998.

Married, brings up two children.

Contacts: tel.: (01710) 4-15-42, (01710) 2-80-48